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Medium Voltage Cable Joints and Jointing Systems

cable services catalogue

Cable Services are distributors and suppliers of the following Medium Voltage Cable Jointing products:

  • Tyco 11kV Shrink Set Resin Filled Joints

    Universal straight and transition joints for 3 core and polymeric cable.
  • Tyco MXSU and SXSU

    11kV and 33kV heat shrink straight joints for single core non-armoured polymeric cables with mechanical connectors.
  • Tyco SXAW

    11kV and 33kV heat shrink straight joints single core, aluminium wire armoured polymeric cables without connectors.
  • Tyco CSJA ‘All In One’ (Cold Applied)

    11kV and 33kV Cold Applied straight joints single core, non-armoured polymeric cables with mechanical connectors.
  • Tyco EPKJ

    The EPKJ range of heat shrink non-resin joints allows for many combinations of paper and polymeric transition and trifucating joints at 11kV and 33kV. The most frequently requested are described below. Contact our sales office if the joint required isn’t listed.
  • 3M Cold Shrink System - 6.6 / 11kV - QS1000

    One piece cold shrink joint body. Suitable for paper and polymeric cables.
    Also 6.6 / 11 / 24 and 33kV using the 3M QS2000 and QS111 Cold Shrink Joint Bodies.

Medium Voltage Accessories

We also supplied a wide range of medium voltage cable accessories including:

  • Guroflex MV

    Cold-pour insulating compound for medium voltage applications.

  • 3M Tapes

    For Medium Voltage Applications

Technical Back Up

Full technical back up is available to our customers on all medium voltage cable joints supplied by the group. Our limited integrated range, means that our sales personnel are exceptionally well informed and therefore able to assist customers with any enquiry. In the event of a question being beyond our experience, our long standing relationship with our suppliers means that their technical expertise is immediately available.

Low and Medium Voltage Cable Joints and Jointing Sales Enquiry

Cable Services are able to offer full technical support for the full product range of low voltage cable jointing products.
Please contact one of our sales offices for product information and technical specifications.
Wrexham - Tel: 01978 340 450 - Email Enquiry
Stone - Tel: 01785 825 970 - Email Enquiry
Liverpool - Tel: 0151 933 9022 - Email Enquiry
Glasgow - Tel: 0141 621 2060 - Email Enquiry